Who We Serve

Mary Jane Marketer knows the cannabis industry.

We provide a variety of marketing services for cannabis companies. By combining the art of marketing with data and technology, we drive results for our clients. We serve cannabis and CBD producers, growers, dispensaries and cannatech companies.


Whether your business model is delivering directly to the customer or the customer coming to you, you have a lot of competition. You will succeed only if you are able to cultivate a love for your brand.

Direct to consumer – Online Stores

While companies like Eaze have dominated the market, there are opportunities for savvy businesses to find their niche and stake a claim.

Mary Jane Marketer can help you develop your niche, and create an online marketplace and a promotion plan to take your sales to the next level. We specialize in SEO and will ensure that your marketplace has the right technical structure in place to rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Dispensaries (Brick & Mortar)

To remain competitive in the long run, dispensaries must differentiate themselves from the pack. Your dispensary needs to provide an experience for customers that creates brand loyalty. From the moment the customer approaches your store, they are already forming an opinion. Mary Jane Marketer can help you develop an inviting atmosphere, a compelling visual identity and a service experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Brand Loyalty

With dispensaries popping up all over the place and cannabis becoming a commoditized market, many owners find themselves forced to compete on cost. Mary Jane Marketer will help you move from just another dispensary to a place people LOVE. We will help you find your niche – what makes you unique. Then we’ll create a plan to gain customer loyalty and increase sales.

Get Found

Your customers’ experience can’t start if they can’t find you. When looking for a dispensary (or any local business), potential customers often turn to Google and search “dispensary near me”. If your business doesn’t show up in the first three Google Maps results, you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Getting featured is the key to getting found. Our knowledge of both technical SEO and relevant content will raise and then maintain your local SEO rankings.

Onsite Experience

Your in-store experience is your chance to make a killer impression. Back alley transactions to purchase cannabis are a thing of the past, so it’s important to make sure your store sets a new standard for what modern cannabis users can expect. Dispensaries that are clean and inviting, provide a compelling visual experience and amazing customer service are sure to keep customers coming back for more.

Quality Customer Service

Budtenders are the face of your business. Budtenders do more than just exchange products for money – they interact with customers and provide guidance, cultivating an experience that can make or break a customer’s opinion of your brand. Mary Jane Marketer provides budtender training to help increase sales and secure customers for life. We also provide commission assessment and development programs to ensure you’re incentivizing the right behaviors.


As more states and countries legalize cannabis, producers face fierce competition. Factor in strict regulations that vary by state or country, and simply creating a product is no longer enough to survive.

Stand Out with a Strong Brand

If you’re a producer, you need a quality product and a defined brand that speaks to your target audience.

Mary Jane Marketer has the experience and knowledge to help you find your niche and deliver exactly what your customers want. We will help you develop memorable imagery, a strong online presence and influencer relationships to amplify your brand’s reach.

Find Your Voice

You have a product. Now it’s time to cultivate a voice. When creating content for your brand, you want to position your voice as informative and entertaining, while also factoring in considerations to make your content search engine-friendly. This is a delicate balance.

Luckily, Mary Jane Marketer has a track record of results. We work with you to develop your voice, talk about trends that matter to your target audience and incorporate the latest SEO techniques to get you found and drive more organic traffic to your brand.

Tell Everyone

Once you’ve found your voice, you’re ready to get the word out about your brand. With limited paid media options, producers need to utilize other options.

When done effectively, organic social media posts and influencer relationships are both great ways to spread the word about your brand. Mary Jane Marketer can ensure that your brand is active and engaged with your target audience. We focus on measurable results so you’ll have the traffic to prove that it’s working.


Non-planting touching companies still face a host of regulations. You are serving the cannabis industry, after all. If you’re a seed-to-sale software company, cannabis delivery service app, a medical cannabis telemedical platform, dispensary CRM or beyond – you’re in the right place.

Pitch Me

CannaTech is a rising category, but with uncertainty in the federal space, venture capitalists are hesitant to invest.

If you’re a cannatech startup, you need a top-notch pitch to attract investors. Mary Jane Marketer has expertise in the tech industry and knows how to develop VC pitch decks that land pitch meetings and help you get the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

From seed round to Series C, Mary Jane Marketer understands what you need to keep investors happy while growing critical parts of your business.

Generate Leads

As a new company, generating leads is crucial. A strong online presence that demonstrates you understand the pain points and value your technology brings to cannabusinesses is essential for building trust among potential customers.

A strong online presence requires a website optimized for organic rankings, compelling content and a strong social media presence.

Mary Jane Marketer’s experts will help you to develop, amplify and sustain your online presence to ensure that your voice is heard and your target audience will find you.

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