Cannabis Business Application Services

Getting Started with Your Cannabis Business Plan

Step 1: Get Licensed by State

A cannabis license is required at the state level for business: with different licensing requirements for recreational and medical cannabis. It’s important to know which licenses you need: there are different required licenses for dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, testing labs, delivery services.

Step 2: Set Up Operations

Your cannabis application is just the beginning. To begin operating your business, you’ll need to secure real estate, develop safety and security measures, build supply chain partners, and finalize branding and cannabis marketing strategies.

Step 3: Launch

Your application is approved and your operations are in place. It’s time to build your customer base, refine your services, and develop ongoing cannabis marketing and business development initiatives.

Services Overview

Market Research/Planning and Strategic Consultation

Know you want to start a cannabis business but don’t know where to get started? With our industry expertise, we help businesses anywhere in the cannabis ecosystem find direction by offering market viability research, business plan development, and strategic consulting services.

Application Writing Services

Do you already know what kind of license you need, but don’t want to write hundreds of pages for your applications? Let us do it all! Our full application services will guide you through the entire process: from location selection to brand design to writing your cannabis business plan.

Application Bootcamp

Are you an experienced business owner just looking for guidance as you take on your cannabis dispensary application yourself? Our Application Services Bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know about planning a successful dispensary application (NJ only for now)

Marketing and Operations

Already have your license? We’ll work with you to launch your business successfully. We offer dispensary marketing, website development, local SEO, store concepting, and retail operations services, all fit to your specific needs.

States We Work In

We serve clients across the country in any state with legalized recreational or medical marijuana, including:

Alaska |  Arizona  |  Arkansas  |  California  |  Colorado  |  Connecticut  |  Florida  |  Hawai’i  |  Illinois  |  Louisiana  |  Maine  |  Maryland  |  Massachusetts  |  Michigan  |  Minnesota  |  Mississippi  |  Missouri  |  Montana   |  Nebraska  |  Nevada  |  New Hampshire  |  New Jersey   |  New Mexico  |  New York  |  North Dakota  |  Oklahoma  |  Oregon  |  Pennsylvania  |  Rhode Island  |  South Dakota  |  Texas  |  Vermont  |  Virginia  |  Washington  |  Wisconsin  |  Wyoming  |  Washington, DC


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