Grow Brick and Mortar Sales with Retail Services

The secret to retail is in the details.  A positive customer experience can be the difference between a dispensary surviving and thriving.

Budtenders are the face of your company and how they interact with a customer not only impacts sales directly, it also impacts your organic search rankings through your reviews. With our retail and cannabis dispensary marketing services, you can build a quality experience that will keep customers coming back!

Want to grow your sales online? See our Ecommerce services.

Customer Service Experience

With a saturation of the market, the purchasing experience can make or break a dispensary.

Ever wonder why you don’t see a ton of repeat customers? Do you even know if you have repeat customers? Taking a metrics-driven approach to investing in the face of your business will increase your revenue and create customers for life.

Mary Jane Marketer offers service audits and trainings to ensure every customer has a positive experience with your brand.

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Customer Service Training
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Budtenders are the face of your organization. They interact daily with customers and the experience they provide can be the reason a customer chooses to come back or to stay away. Quality customer service means more than just taking a person’s ID and pointing to the list of flower on the board. Quality service focused budtenders will engage with each person in a friendly and approachable manner, ask discovery questions to determine what type of consumer they are and the purpose of their visit, make recommendations for products in the store and offer complementary products to enhance that person’s experience. Service training includes:
  • Education on the consumer personas
  • How to upsell every purchase (increase your average sale per customer)
  • How to engage and make customers for life
  • Conflict resolution: How to turn that frown upside down
Training consists of a half day interactive education and 2 hours of post-training sales support.
Customer Service Audit
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Want to know how your customers feel about you? Mary Jane Marketer will conduct a service audit to determine who your customers are, how they feel about your brand and the service they experienced. Through a series of surveys and secret shoppers, you’ll have insight into all aspects of the customer experience. We will provide actionable recommendations based on the results.
Commission and Incentive Programs for Budtenders
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Implementing a commission-based or incentive program can help your business increase customer value and satisfaction while keeping your payroll expenses low. Cash is one incentive, but so are products and experiences. Mary Jane Marketer will examine your unique business and staff to create an incentive program that will help your profits soar. The program includes:
  • Assessment of an existing commission program (if applicable)
  • Creation of commission incentives
  • Tracking and implementation recommendation (technical implementation not included)
  • Roll out communication to the team
  • Assessment and optimization

Increase Retail Traffic

So you have a dispensary, now what? You need to get the right consumer into the store. Mary Jane Marketer knows just how to do that with our cannabis dispensary marketing services that focus on local SEO, paid media management, events and word of mouth marketing.

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Local SEO Audit $3,900
Get found by your ideal customer. Exclusively for dispensaries with less than three locations, this audit will dig deep into your current set-up to determine how you can rank higher and be featured in those top three local search results. Companies that rank number 1 in search results boast 33% click through rates as opposed to 2% for ranking lower on the page. This has a huge impact on local businesses. We will do an audit of both your technical and content-focused search engine optimization (SEO) and provide you with strategic recommendations to increase your local presence. If you’ve noticed a decline in traffic and want to understand why, this is where you start.
Ongoing Local SEO monthly investments
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Mary Jane Marketer wants to literally put you on the map and ensure that you’re staying there. With our ongoing monthly local SEO support, we’ll work to raise your business listing to the featured map position and keep you there.
Paid Media Management ad spend not included
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The rules are changing around cannabis advertising and paid media is now an option on certain platforms. Mary Jane Marketer has more than 15 years of paid media experience and knows how to create ads that convert. We are data-driven and focus on getting you as much traffic, and customers, as possible. Stand out from the crowd with paid media!
In-store Events
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Whether you’re looking to drive new business or to engage with your existing consumers, in-store events can help to increase traffic and revenue. Mary Jane Marketer knows what consumers want and will work with you to develop educational, wellness and promotionally driven events for your brand. Event packages include:
  • Event Strategy: define the target audience and setting goals for event performance
  • Content Development: create content for the event, including slide decks, handouts, and any other tools needed
  • Promotional Strategy and Collateral: drive the right audience to your event
  • Measuring Event Success: assess event success according to predefined goals and metrics
We can provide you with the event toolkit so you can do it yourself, or our master hosts can cultivate an engaging in-store experience.
Guerilla Marketing/Word of Mouth
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Dispensaries shouldn't just rely on online searches and advertising alone. For a highly-regulated market, referral business is a great option. Commonly called guerilla marketing or word of mouth, referrals are an affordable way to get new business. While referrals can happen slowly with organic word of mouth, Mary Jane Marketer will work with you to develop a guerilla marketing strategy to increase your referral business and drive more traffic.

The In-Store Dispensary Experience

There is increased competition between dispensaries, and most carry the same products, so how will you stand out?

In the current market, there is an increasing need to differentiate, and it all starts with visuals. From the website to the storefront to the counter experience, Mary Jane Marketer will create a memorable visual identity for your brand and work with you on implementation.

Download our In-Store Experience Services Pricing sheet.


In-Store Branding and Marketing
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In-Store Product Promotions
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For brands that are looking to get noticed, there are cannabis fairs and dispensary promotional events that help to get the message about your brand out there. Even if you have a solid brand experience, event marketing takes skill and experience to drive traffic to your event, ensure that the experience is cultivated to enhance your brand and measure the results. Mary Jane Marketer can help with your event kit, service training, promotions and measuring success.
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