New Mexico Legalization

Cannabis License and Applications

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New Mexico Legalization

  • Medical: Legalized 2007
  • Adult-Use/Recreational: Legalized 2021, sales to begin in 2022


  • Status: 
    • Recreational: Applications Open for All Cannabis Business Licenses
    • Medical: Applications are not open at this time
  • Vertical Integration: Yes
  • Consumption Lounges Permitted: Yes

State Cannabis Overview

 New Mexico Cannabis Licenses

  • Cannabis Producer, for facilities involved in growing and cultivating cannabis. May sell or transport unprocessed cannabis products to other licensed cannabis establishments.
  • Cannabis Producer Microbusiness, for businesses with only one location involved in growing and cultivating up to 200 cannabis plants.
  • Cannabis Manufacturer, for facilities involved in the extraction, manufacturing and packaging of concentrated cannabis or cannabis products. May sell or transport bulk cannabis products to other licensed cannabis establishments.
  • Cannabis Retailer, for locations at which cannabis items and paraphernalia are sold to consumers.
  • Vertically Integrated Cannabis Establishment, for locations involved in any combination of growing, manufacturing, selling and transporting cannabis items directly to consumers. 
  • Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness, for businesses with up to five cannabis operations, including growing, manufacturing, selling and transporting cannabis items directly to consumers. Only one location per licensed activity. 
  • Cannabis Courier, for businesses involved in transporting cannabis items directly to consumers.
  • Cannabis Research Facilities, for locations involved in the research and development of cannabis and cannabis products.
  • Cannabis Testing Facilities, for locations involved in the sampling, collection and testing of cannabis and cannabis products.
  • Cannabis Consumption Areas, for locations at which cannabis items are sold to cannabis consumers for use at the on-site consumption location.

Pick the Right New Mexico Dispensary License


A regular adult-use cannabis license to grow, cultivate, manufacture, distribute and sell cannabis products at multiple licensed facilities.




Microbusiness licenses restrict facilities and volume. Only one location is allowed for the production, manufacturing, testing, distribution or sale of cannabis products.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated

This license allows businesses to grow, manufacture, package, sell and transport their own products directly to customers.

New Mexico Cannabis Licensing Process


Determine Local Laws and Compliance


Determine local zoning and land use laws. Cities and counties can’t opt out of the sale of cannabis; it’s legal statewide. Local governments can, however, enforce zoning, land use and other business requirements. Familiarize yourself with local regulations, get involved as a positive influence in the community to mitigate cannabis land use and retail restrictions, and begin putting together your business plan and financing.

Create Your Licensing Strategy


Determine the license type best suited for your situation and write your application. It will need to include detailed summaries of your operations, proposed location, social and economic equity plan, security measures, and more.


Launch Your Cannabis Store


Following an approved application, start building out your store, develop relationships with suppliers and producers, create a hiring plan, establish your online presence, and build your long-term marketing and engagement strategies.


Download our New Mexico Dispensary Recreational Cannabis Guide

Download our New Mexico  Dispensary Recreational Cannabis Guide

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