Dare to Be Bold.

As cannabis becomes legal in more states and CBD products flood the market, it is more important than ever to set your brand apart from the rest.  We help you do just that with our cannabis branding and differentiation services. 

We help you choose the right product-market fit and ensure that your brand, and everything you say, is a reflection of your values. Whether you’re an established brand or just getting started, this is a vital step in surviving the green wave of competition in the market.

Brand Positioning and Go-to-Market Strategy

This is where you take the necessary steps to differentiate. We help you develop your brand voice, niche and ideal target audience, as well as your go-to-market strategy with our cannabis branding services.

Raising capital? We can help with that, too. Check out our Funding Pitch Kit services.

Market Research and Strategy $4,500
Brand Audit and Strategy
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Do you know what story your brand is telling? Sometimes there’s a gap in perception versus reality. If you’re struggling with understanding why your premium brand can only get sold on discount, or why people just don’t understand the value of your product, you need a Brand Audit. We look at your existing brand and your perception in the market. If it doesn't align with your brand image, we form a strategy to get you where you want to be.
Branding and Positioning Development
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People don’t buy from brands they like, they buy from the brands they love. Becoming a loved brand is not a happy coincidence - it’s a strategic decision that can make or break a company. Logos, collateral, web design, social media, product packaging, and photography all help tell a story about your brand. Mary Jane Marketer will develop collateral to delight your target audience.
Go to Market Strategy
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When you’re launching a new product there’s a lot to think about. You must be familiar with certain regulations of the cannabis industry. Your product packaging should appeal to your target audience, but it also must meet compliance standards. When launching a new product, you want to ensure that the copy is perfect, the photography creates a desirable image and that the logo is easily recognizable. Unfortunately, many companies put a lot of effort into this part without testing market viability with their target audience. Doing it right the first time will save you money in the long run. Mary Jane Marketer develops a tried and tested strategy before your product launches or store opens.
Funding Pitch Kit $4,900
If you're a new brand in the process of raising capital, the successful differentiation of your brand is critical for success. Partnering with an agency that has start-up experience can help you succeed. Mary Jane Marketer will help you determine your niche in the market, and we'll develop collateral to help you land the pitch meeting so you can show why you're a sure bet. The pitch kit has everything you need and includes:
  • Story crafting
  • Market research
  • Development of a one-page pitch sheet
  • Development of a funding pitch deck
  • Promotional strategy to help you get noticed
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