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Why a Cannabis Marketing Agency?

My reason for starting a cannabis-focused marketing agency is rooted in my background as an organic food writer. If you ignore cannabis’s troubled legal history, local growers and producers of organic foods and cannabis are not that different. Both agriculture and cannabis are easily commoditized – an unfortunate occurrence that strips a product of its unique value and makes everything the same. They also have the potential to be treated with harmful pesticides – something that is all too common in the food industry.

In short, I did not want to see small and mid-size cannabis producers suffer from the commoditization of the industry in the same way that local, sustainable growers have in America’s industrial food supply. So I set out to do something about it.

The good news is that there is a niche market for quality cannabis and Mary Jane Marketer has the agriculture and retail marketing background to help.

Mary Jane by any other name…

For nearly a century, cannabis has been illegal. People will always find a way to get what they want and developed their own coded language for cannabis. Mary Jane is derived from the Spanish word for cannabis: marijuana. When you break the word down, it becomes mari – juana. The name Mary in spanish is Maria and Juana translates to Jane, which is how Mari-Juana became Mary Jane.

It’s About Time

With decades of experience and expertise in B2C and B2B industries, Mary Jane Marketer brings more than just cannabis industry experience. Whether you need to increase your online presence,  drive higher revenue growth or sell your newest tech solution to the cannabis industry,  Mary Jane Marketer has you covered. We love startups to mid-sized businesses that are ready to make a difference.

Mary Jane Marketer’s team of digital specialists, content producers, visual designers and all-around cannabis enthusiasts are ready to partner with you. If you’re looking for a team of smart, friendly, creative marketers with an entrepreneurial spirit, we’re ready to be your partner.


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Meet the Mary Jane Marketer team

Legalization is
changing the landscape.

Legalization is
changing the landscape.

Cannabis and CBD are sweeping the country. As I’m sure you’re aware, many states have legalized cannabis on a medicinal level, and eleven have legalized it on a recreational level. Busy office workers are intrigued by the mental benefits of microdosing. An aging generation is wondering if cannabis could be a better alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Athletes are beginning to take advantage of CBD for its post-workout recovery benefits. And even pet owners are experimenting with CBD to relieve their dog or cat’s seizures, pain or anxiety.

It’s obvious that cannabis is experiencing a natural segmentation of the market, and I’ve noticed very few companies knew how to successfully differentiate themselves or how to address these different markets at the dispensary level.

As the competition has grown, distributors face a workforce whose training is based on personal experience and most are focused on getting stoned quickly. Proper training on how to identify customer intent, level of experience and the desired outcome can take a dispensary’s budtender (retail associate) to the next level. Add expert customer service training with a focus on sales will really pay off.

Unfortunately few companies are directly serving this market. With more than two decades of marketing experience and 15 years in the retail industry, Mary Jane Marketer knows what it takes to keep customers coming back and to increase your average sales per customer.

Let’s Grow Together

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