New Jersey Legalization

Cannabis License and Applications


New Jersey Legalization

  • Medical: Legalized 2010
  • Adult-Use/Recreational: Legalized 2021, sales to begin in 2022


  • Status: Recreational Applications OPEN 
    • Recreational:
      Open as of December 15, 2021 (Class 1 Cultivators, Class 2 Manufacturers and Testing Laboratories Licenses)
      March 15, 2022 (Class 5 Retailer and Class 6 Delivery License)
    • Medical: Not Open
  • Vertical Integration: No
  • Consumption Lounges Permitted: No

State cannabis overview

New Jersey Cannabis Licenses


Class 1: Cannabis Grower license, for facilities involved in growing and cultivating cannabis

Class 2: Cannabis Processor license, for facilities involved in the manufacturing, preparation, and packaging of cannabis items

Class 3: Cannabis Wholesaler license, for facilities involved in obtaining and selling cannabis items for later resale by other licensees

Class 4: Cannabis Distributor license, for businesses involved in transporting cannabis items in bulk intrastate, from one licensed cannabis establishment to another

Class 5: Cannabis Retailer license, recreational dispensaries in new jersey will need a class 5 license to sell cannabis items and paraphernalia (may partner with delivery service)

Class 6: Cannabis Delivery license, for business providing courier services for a licensed cannabis retailer in order to make deliveries of cannabis items and related supplies to a consumer or dispensary

What Licenses are Needed to Start a Dispensary in New Jersey


Non-operational license that has fewer requirements. A conditional license can make it easier to make decisions around location, real estate, and financing.


Prioritized for social equity initiatives and New Jersey residents. Microbusiness licenses restrict size, employees, and volume. You need to be a New Jersey resident for at least two years to qualify.


Regular operational license for businesses of any size. Prices are variable for cultivators and manufacturers, depending on volume and size.

New Jersey Cannabis Licensing Process

Determine Local Laws and Compliance

Not every city or county in New Jersey is permitting the sale of cannabis. Familiarize yourself with local regulations, get involved as a positive influence in the community to mitigate cannabis bans, and begin putting together your business plan and financing.

Create Your Licensing Strategy

Determine the license type best suited for your situation and write your application. It will need to include detailed summaries of your operations, safety and security procedures, proposed location, community impact, social responsibility, workforce development, business plan, and more.

Launch Your Cannabis Store

Following an approved application, start building out your store, develop relationships with suppliers and producers, create standard operating procedures, hire and train staff, establish your online presence, and build your long-term marketing and engagement strategies.

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Mary Jane Marketer Services in New Jersey



We can help entrepreneurs in the early stages get started on the right foot on their journey into the cannabis industry. Our services include:


Market Research Studies

Store Conceptualization

Business Plan Development


Turning your business idea into reality takes a lot of work. We can help make it happen through:

Recreational and Medical Cannabis License Application Writing Services

Online Bootcamp (For New Jersey dispensary applications)

Brand Development and Cannabis Marketing Strategy



Your business is up and running. It’s time to get found, get noticed, and grow your sales. Mary Jane Marketer will grow your business presence and customer engagement with:

Website Development and Design Services

Paid and Social Media Campaigns

Local SEO Optimization

Building Customer Loyalty Programs

Budtender Sales Training


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Ready to open a recreational marijuana dispensary in Maryland? Before you apply for a license, learn how to navigate each step of the process here.

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Let’s Grow Together

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