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Want to be on the first page of Google results?


Start with a Complimentary SEO Audit from Mary Jane Marketer


If you’re a cannabis business that is having trouble generating organic traffic to your website, then you are missing out on reaching more of your target customers and growing your business. 

Mary Jane Marketer knows SEO and we can help pinpoint holes in your current SEO strategy and recommend ways to improve with our complementary light SEO Audit.

Get in touch before Friday, February 14, 2020 to secure your free SEO audit and start getting found my more customers.

Reasons to have an SEO Audit:

  • You have low traffic to your website
  • You website has a high bounce rate
  • You are creating content, but no one is reading it
  • You are not showing up on the first page of Google


Why is SEO so important for cannabis brands?

While SEO is essential for companies in all industries, it is especially useful for cannabis brands. 

Cannabis companies operate in a highly-regulated industry and this extends to marketing efforts. Many advertising platforms used by other industries are restricted or even banned, and paid online media like Google Ads and Facebook are off-limits as well.

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So how do you get found organically? Enter SEO.


What is Mary Jane Marketer’s SEO Methodology?

Many ‘SEO’ agencies will offer you help with keywords and content, but they won’t look beyond that. There used to be a time when it was easy to rank high in search engine results by just adding highly-searchable keywords, but this is no longer the case. 

Search engines, like search giant Google, have become highly advanced. Search engines look at both technical SEO and content-driven SEO. While search engine algorithms are always changing, Google gives preference to websites that meet these three criteria:

  • FAST



Our audit will test your current website and SEO strategy to see how you stack up, and make suggestions for ways to improve both technical site structure and content relevancy. 

What to expect from the audit: Mary Jane Marketer will look at your domain authority, keyword ranking and technical structure using our audit tools to determine your current SEO standing.

Making sure your SEO is in great standing can make the difference between having results on the first page.


Get in touch today to secure your free SEO audit and start getting found by more customers.

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